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  One of the most important challenges facing India is to create skilled human resources and entrepreneurship among youths to create self employment for sustainable development in rural and semi-urban areas.
Santiniketan Society for Youth Empowerment (SSYE) has been set up to build the capacity to create sustainable livelihoods and to establish an entrepreneurial culture where young people will work towards self-employment keeping in mind conservation of environment and welfare of people.
One of the key focus areas of SSYE is to impart leadership and management training to the youth so that they can formulate projects and various sectors.

SSYE also believes that it is necessary to sensitize youth to set up their goals, enhance their aspiration level, and help them to build up leadership quality and confidence in themselves.

SSYE receives intellectual inputs and innovative ideas from its members and advisers who are qualified, professionals belonging to diverse fields like Education, Rural Development, Economics, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, IT. Besides, there are other professional associates who ensure smooth management.

SSYE believes that sustained skill training and talent management backed by on-the-job training, escort services and financial and technical assistance can create job opportunities in the rural areas on a sustainable basis.
A Society free from inequalities and a society
with a Culture of entrepreneurship and
sustainable development.
Building a just and humane Society
Creating enabling conditions for
entrepreneurship development
Empowering youth Technical & Vocational
skill with leadership and management talent.

Santiniketan Society for Youth Empowerment
(SSYE) is non-profit and non-governmental
organization registered under Registration
of Societies Act 1961, Government
of West Bengal

Qualifies for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Binita Purkait